Manufacturer of CNC machines

Raptor Technologies - Czech manufacturer of CNC machines

is a permanently growing company which has been founded for the purpose of the development and production of high quality CNC machines for processing of metals, wood, plastic and other materials. At this time we are offering laser, plasma, routerlathe, and milling machine. All our machines are fully adjusted to the customer needs so that each machine reaches the requested parameters and outputs. Because of that we have our own research and development department for the improvement of the important parts of the machines.  We are making efforts form the maximum efficiency of our equipment. We are able to produce a really customer made CNC machine upon agreement. You are able to improve the productivity of labour in your works with our machines. We can offer the devices both for small companies as well as for vast industrial production.

Czech manufacturer of CNC machines

Sale of CNC machines and price

Thanks to our modern attitude we are able to offer the products in the highest quality for reasonable prices. Let us to present you our quotation for your machine and you can persuade yourselves. Or pay a visit to our offer of machines, where you find the price for a standardized machines just for your idea. In case of any questions do not hesitate and contact us any time. We shall answer all your questions with great pleasure or elaborate a quotation directly for you.

Production of CNC machines

We render a professional assistance for all our machines all around the world. We can also maintain the metal processing machines of other producers upon agreement. The price of the machine always gives us transportation to the destination, installation of the machine in your production, training the operation and maintenance of the machine and at least two years warranty. We also offer optional accessories for each machine.

The target of our company is to provide complex solutions for machinery industry in the field of metal processing. The vision of our company comprises the extension of our activities within automation of production systems. Now we are focussing on welding robots.

We are a Czech producer of machines for not only metal processing and we can produce all kinds of customer made devices.

Raptor Technologies


Talking about CNC machines

It dates back to the middle of the 20th century, when the first NC (numerically controlled) machines appeared in Japan or the USA. Subsequently, NC machines reached their limits, where they were most often used as drills in large series, and adding a computer to the process was a logical...

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Burning machines

Today, CNC plasma and CNC laser cutting machines are mainly used for cutting materials. Both of these machines use different technology to cut the material, but both produce high temperatures and fumes when cutting metals. We definitely recommend using these machines with powerful extraction,...

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CNC machine tools

The term machine tool includes a specialized machine for machining mainly metals, but these machine tools are also suitable for wood, plastic, ceramics, glass and others. Together with the time consuming precision and speed of production processes and the lack of qualified machine tools, a...

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Cutting machines

Part of our permanent offer of CNC machines and equipment are also cutting machines. We manufacture these machines for cutting various materials from metals to paper. We constantly follow modern trends and implement this knowledge into the development of CNC cutting machines. Based on the demand...

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Woodworking machines

From our offer of woodworking machines you can choose various CNC machines used for woodworking, especially in the joinery industry. Our CNC woodworking machines can handle various tasks, from simple cutting and cutting to the required lengths to a complex five-axis woodworking center fo...

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Metalworking machines

In our offer of CNC machines you can find various types of metalworking machines. We manufacture and sell, for example, portal milling machines, which are suitable for machining aluminum plate or dibond. In the case of iron machining, you can choose a classic CNC milling machine, which can have...

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