Woodworking machines

From our offer of woodworking machines you can choose various CNC machines used for woodworking, especially in the joinery industry. Our CNC woodworking machines can handle various tasks, from simple cutting and cutting to the required lengths to a complex five-axis woodworking center for machining all sides of wooden boards in one clamping operation. We develop CNC woodworking machines for the production of doors and frames, windows and complex carpentry workshops. We always manufacture CNC wood machines to order according to the customer's required specifications. We will adapt the design of CNC wood machines, including the work surface, the performance of the woodworking machine and CNC wood equipment. We manufacture, sell and service CNC woodworking machines. The most sought-after machines include a milling machine, a woodworking center, an edging machine, a CNC wood lathe or a large-area saw. If you are looking for a quality woodworking machine, do not hesitate to contact us. We also manufacture woodworking machines to order.

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What woodworking machines do we produce?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that we are not a serial production of woodworking machines. We adapt all CNC for wood according to the customer's specification. We have the advantage that we are a Czech manufacturer of machines and if it is technically feasible, we will be happy to implement your wishes for a given application of CNC wood machines directly into your woodworking machine. In general, however, our offer consists of a CNC milling machine for wood or a woodworking CNC router. It is a portal milling machine, which is suitable for machining wooden and other board materials. Another frequently requested machine is the entire woodworking center. It can have several axes and this machining center can be equipped with several tools, including a cutting saw and special cutters. With this woodworking center, you are able to machine a wooden semi-finished product from several sides and edges in one clamping operation. The work surface of this CNC wood is covered for the safety of the machine operator and also for better extraction of sawdust and dust.

CNC woodworking machines

CNC woodworking machines

Another very useful CNC machine for wood is a lathe. It can be produced in various designs together with driven tools. The CNC wood lathe can be equipped with a hydraulic chuck for clamping wood and can also grind the material on request. With this woodworking machine you will be able to produce, for example, wooden legs for chairs and tables, various wooden lids or decorative items and, of course, much more. The possibilities of woodworking lathe application are innumerable. You can cut wooden boards on large-area CNC saws or we can make a CNC saw to order. The comprehensive offer of CNC machines for wood is completed by an edging machine, demanded especially in the joinery industries such as the production of doors and frames, or windows. Most of all, however, an edging machine is needed in the production of furniture. The above is only a list of woodworking machines manufactured by us. However, it is not a problem for us to design and develop a CNC for wood according to a unique assignment. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us about the CNC wood machine you need.

Offer CNC wood

For clarity below, you will find our offer of CNC for wood according to individual categories and the use of woodworking machines. It is certainly not a comprehensive product line for all types of CNC woodworking machines. We specialize more in technically more complex solutions. We do not offer machines that are not computer-controlled, such as standard wood milling machines, lathes or ordinary cutting saws. As a Czech manufacturer of woodworking machines, we are more focused on technological innovations and higher productivity of CNC woodworking machines. That is why we only manufacture and develop CNC wood according to modern trends and the latest possibilities. The basic types of woodworking machines are described below:

CNC wood milling machine

A very widespread gantry machine designed for machining wooden boards. In the basic version, the CNC wood milling cutter has 3 axes with any working surface and a stroke in the Z axis. High productivity is ensured by a sufficiently strong spindle with the possibility of automatic tool change up to 64 cutters. In the superstructure, our CNC wood milling cutter can also have a 4th axis or it can have a 3D working head. In such a case, it is already a maximally professional CNC machine for wood. Wooden boards are attached to the work surface with a vacuum powerful pump. On request, it is not a problem to equip this woodworking machine with some clamping jig for special applications.

Woodworking center

Unlike a wood cutter, it is a more complex machine that is suitable for all types of joinery operations for the production of furniture and kitchens. The range of woodworking centers is very diverse, as there are many aspects and elements that we customize. In the basic version, the CNC woodworking center has 3 axes and more tools. In the case of adding the 4th axis or a driven side tool, it is possible to machine a wooden board in one clamping and drill or mill straight into the edge of the board. In the case of an extended woodworking center, this CNC woodworking machine is also equipped with a saw blade for cutting wooden boards. The control is very intuitive and easy to operate the CNC machine. If you are looking for the ideal woodworking center, do not hesitate to contact us.

CNC wood lathe

A machine that is suitable for machining wooden logs or prisms. It is a 3D woodworking machine, which brings with it many possibilities for many applications. CNC wood lathes will be appreciated by carpenters producing, for example, tables and chairs. However, the application of this CNC machine to wood does not end there. Due to the fact that it does not have to be just a simple lathe, we can also manufacture a CNC machine, including the possibility of milling and grinding wood. Thanks to this, you are able to machine the workpiece in one clamping to the final state. As part of an individual configuration, you can have driven tools, a hydraulic chuck and a tailstock. It only depends on you and your application, what you need from this universal woodworking machine.

Large area CNC saw

As the name suggests, it is used to divide large wooden boards in a longitudinal way. We will adjust the size of the CNC large-area saw and the cutting force, which starts at 60 mm. It is a very quiet and productive woodworking machine, which can have an automatic material stacker at an additional cost. With this large-area CNC saw, you have the option of regulating the beam pressure and, of course, also the collet pressure. Thanks to powerful motors (7 kW and more), you can achieve cutting speeds of up to 80 m per minute. The cutting length of a CNC large area saw is up to 5 meters. It is not a problem to adapt the large-area saw to your parameters.

Banding machine

CNC machine suitable for work and modification of wooden boards. We can make a one-sided or two-sided edge edging machine for you. In any case, you have the option to adjust the speed of the edgebander in a given range according to the type of edging and the given material. We guarantee high productivity of edgebanders. As part of the gluing process, the edge is first milled into a perfect gluing surface. Furthermore, the edge gluing machine preheats so that the adhesive is better applied to the surface. On request, we can produce this CNC for wood with the possibility of changing the radius. Edgebanding does not have to take place only in the plane.

Possibilities of customizing a woodworking machine

As has already been said here, we will adapt the woodworking machine to your requirements. At the beginning, we will be interested in your specific product, which you plan to machine on a CNC woodworking machine. Subsequently, we can recommend a suitable technology and CNC performance for wood, or you can have a clear idea of ​​the machine. In such a case, we will do our best to accommodate you. As part of our services, we will come to focus on the area where the woodworking machine should then be located and we will talk about your idea. Afterwards, we are able to adapt the following within CNC wood machines:

  • The size of the work surface for machined wood
  • Performance of woodworking machines according to the required load
  • Execution of the entire CNC wood machine, including the implementation of special requirements
  • Ensuring sufficient extraction of chips and sawdust, including the basket
  • Possible connection to your existing exhaust system
  • Providing work tools, including special cutters or grinders
  • We develop CNC for wood from the very beginning, including construction and equipment according to technological requirements

Control of CNC wood machine

As the name of the CNC suggests, these are computer-controlled machines. All our woodworking machines are controlled by a powerful computer with Windows 10. Thanks to this, they can be easily connected to the company network and share machining data directly from your technologist's computer. We can also log on to CNC woodworking machines remotely and solve any problems with setting up woodworking machines. The standard equipment for CNC wood is already equipped with software for creating machining programs and software for machine control. If you are used to some CAD software, it is not a problem to ensure compatibility with it. Usually, the control of CNC machines for wood is solved by a touch screen supplemented by a few hardware buttons. Safety features such as the STOP button or, in some cases, light barriers are also a matter of course. In the case of a CNC woodworking machine, including automatic tool change, it is easy to choose between tools and the CNC woodworking machine replaces the milling cutter in the spindle by pressing a button. If you are interested, we will show you the entire control of the woodworking machine and it is not a problem to prepare machining directly on your material.