Burning machines

Today, CNC plasma and CNC laser cutting machines are mainly used for cutting materials. Both of these machines use different technology to cut the material, but both produce high temperatures and fumes when cutting metals. We definitely recommend using these machines with powerful extraction, including a high-quality filter unit for a better working environment for machine operators. The difference between these burning machines is in accuracy, speed and cost of acquisition and operation.

CNC plasma

This is a very widespread and popular burning machine. CNC plasma for metal cutting is less accurate than laser, but it can cut larger sheet thicknesses with less power. At the same time, due to its lower acquisition and operating costs, this plasma cutting machine is used mainly for larger material thicknesses. The main criterion for a quality cut is a plasma source. The power of the source determines the maximum possible thickness of the material division. The quality of the source directly affects the quality of the final cut. For high-quality cutting or burning of stainless steel with CNC plasma, we recommend an oxygen source that is able to work with technical gases and the result is obvious at first glance. We cooperate, for example, with the Italian manufacturer of sources CEBORA. These resources reach high qualities and their purchase price is very interesting. The plasma source and the machine torch divide the material by the arc, and it is critical to always have the torch at the correct height relative to the sheet metal. That is why we have developed our own THC, which in all circumstances monitors the distance from the material and constantly regulates the height on the Z axis. The plasma cutter is a relatively dusty machine and therefore we recommend ordering, including the implementation of extraction. It includes a powerful fan, particulate filtration and piping. The precise and fast positioning of the plasma torch is ensured by a high-quality table of robust construction with a control panel.

CNC laser

A more powerful and faster burning machine is a CNC laser. It is a modern CNC technology for cutting sheets or pipes. It can cut very quickly and therefore efficiently with a precise cut. The latest laser technology is a fiber laser. Compared to older CO2 laser technology, this newer version is more efficient and powerful. The laser beam is sent to the process head, where it is optimized for a specific type and thickness of material. The CNC laser is able to cut even very small details. CNC lasers manufactured and sold by us are equipped with high-quality components. We cooperate on laser technology with the German technological leader - the company PRECITEC. We supply all these machines completely covered for safety reasons. The power range of our sources is from 500 W to 12 kW, which means the possibility of dividing the material from 0.1 to 50 mm. A matter of course with this machine is also the implementation of extraction. Operating and acquisition costs for a laser cutting machine are higher than with a plasma cutter, so this type of cutting machine is more suitable for establishments where the cutting machine places great emphasis on speed, accuracy and cleanliness of the cut.

Water jet cutting

Although water jet cutting cannot be included in cutting machines, its use is very close to these cutting machines. Water jet cutting is an interesting alternative to a plasma or laser cutting machine. The water jet is very accurate and can be gentle. The resulting cut shape has beautifully clean edges without thermal deformation. The disadvantage for some may be lower productivity.

The above cutting machines are the most used CNC sheet metal cutting machines. Raptor Technologies develops, manufactures and sells CNC cutting machines. In our offer you will find, among other things, metalworking machines such as CNC milling machine and lathe. We will be happy to advise you on the sale of CNC machines and create an offer exactly according to your requirements.

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