Metalworking machines

In our offer of CNC machines you can find various types of metalworking machines. We manufacture and sell, for example, portal milling machines, which are suitable for machining aluminum plate or dibond. In the case of iron machining, you can choose a classic CNC milling machine, which can have 3 to 5 axes. We can also produce a machining center that is able to mill and also turn in one clamping. Of course, we also offer the classic design of a high-quality metalworking lathe. If you need a custom metalworking machine, you can definitely contact us as well. We have quality technicians who are able to develop and manufacture metalworking machines with a unique solution. Even in the case of a serial design of a CNC machine, it is not a problem to adjust a parameter or design a little differently, according to your ideas.

I am interested in a metalworking machine

So what machine tools do we produce?

We offer a relatively wide range of metalworking machines. Our advantage is that we are a Czech manufacturer of machines and we are therefore able to produce a metalworking machine according to prior agreement. We also have a permanent offer of CNC machines that are suitable for machining various metals. If you are interested in an individual offer, we are at your disposal. Below you will find serial production of CNC metalworking machines of our company:

CNC Router

The Raptor CNC router is definitely one of the most frequently requested CNC machines. The design of the portal milling machine is a suitable solution for machining board materials. It doesn't have to be just aluminum, it can also machine other soft metals with quality. The main advantage of this metalworking machine is its variability of use. If you do not only machine pure soft metals, but also need to machine plastics or wood, all you need is this CNC metalworking machine. You can retrofit it with various optional features. For more information about this CNC machine do not hesitate to contact us.

CNC Milling Machine

Perhaps the most widespread CNC machine across various industries is the CNC milling machine. It has many forms and it is possible to proceed in its construction in different ways. For these 3D machine tools, the most important factor is accuracy, which is calculated in thousands of millimeters. The speed of the machining itself depends on the displacements, but also on the power of the spindle and the material being machined. Our CNC milling machines are designed for all soft metals and also for iron. They have an automatic tool change as standard with a large selection of cutter positions. The tool itself is emulsion-cooled during machining and it is possible to equip the CNC milling machine with an automatic chip feeder.

CNC Lathe

Another of the machine tools is a CNC lathe. The notorious partner has been helping in small metal productions for decades. It is increasingly appearing in CNC design, which guarantees higher accuracy and efficiency of the machine tool. The material is clamped in a chuck, which is already hydraulic in the basic version. In this metalworking machine, the metal rotates at high speed and the tool gradually removes it to the desired shape. The CNC lathe is a very precise machine. In case of interest, it is also not a problem to produce a CNC wood lathe.

CNC Laser

It is a cutting machine that is suitable for cutting sheet metal, or pipes and steels. Advanced fiber laser technology makes it possible to efficiently cut even very thick sheets with a higher accuracy and purity than in the case of a plasma cutting machine. Our Raptor CNC laser range is very technologically advanced and has many clever features to facilitate sheet metal cutting. We are always looking for modern technologies that we could use in this metalworking machine and move our products forward. The possibilities of the laser cutting machine also give the function of engraving or cutting non-metallic materials. If you are interested in this metalworking machine, write to us.

CNC Plasma

Efficient and affordable sheet metal cutting technology, which is also constantly evolving. We are talking about a CNC plasma metalworking machine, which divides even really thick sheets at low cost. It is possible to use technical gases in the firing process, where, for example, stainless steel can be cut relatively nicely using nitrogen. Plasma metalworking machines are very dusty and it is highly recommended to use ventilation and subsequent air filtration during the firing process. Like a laser machine, the plasma router is highly flexible in metal burning applications. If you are looking for a CNC plasma as a metalworking machine, contact us and we will be happy to show you everything in person.

Control of machine tools

Since each of the machines we manufacture is CNC, it is controlled by a computer and controlled via a monitor with a keyboard and sometimes a mouse. We use different control systems for different metalworking machines, but they have a common simplicity for users. Much of the CNC machine control is in Czech or English and has an easy graphical interface. You can also connect any Raptor metalworking machine to the corporate network and gain remote access to the machine. As a Czech machine manufacturer, we pay attention to the quality of design and select only proven controls for all metalworking machines. Call us and arrange a personal demonstration of the control systems as well as a presentation of the required metalworking machine. We are here for you every day.