We do not only supply CNC machines, we offer all services related to offered machines as a part of our comprehensive service. We provide warranty and post-warranty service to all our machines and train machine operators, including maintenance for longer life. We can mediate through third parties financing for the purchase of a new CNC machine. Do you have another wish? Call us! We take a pro-customer approach and your opinion is very important to us.

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Pre-sales services

We respond immediately to the inguiry of the new machine. After clarifying the requirements for the machine we usually prepare a quotation within 24 hours according to the agreed specification including the technical parameters of the machine. We then consult the solution and after agreement we arrive at the place of possible installation of the CNC machine and discuss the suitability of its location. We will provide a technical drawing and bringing the machine into your premises for a better idea of ​​the layout of the machine and its components. Upon request, we can arrange the financing of the machine under the best conditions on the market and send a draft purchase contract. After agreeing and signing the contract, we start to produce the machine immediately so that the delivery time is as short as possible so that the machine can generate benefits as soon as possible. We will contact you one week before the planned date of installation and arrange further steps. Installation of the machine depends on its complexity, in any case we do not unnecessarily stretch the installation and after completion we can proceed directly to training the machine operator. During the training the worker is professionally but comprehensibly explained the functionality of the machine, its control, safety of work and maintenance of the machine. You will always receive the machine manual and the necessary documentation from us. The warranty period for all machine types is at least two years.

The price of the machine always gives us:

  • Transport of the machine to its destination
  • Installation of CNC machine in the buyer's premises
  • Training of CNC machine operators including maintenance to a sufficient extent
  • Telephone and online support for machine operators
  • Warranty period

Servicing of CNC machines

Extend the life of your machine by regular service. We offer professional service not only our machines at bargain prices. Our trained service technicians are able to analyze the fault and then eliminate it as quickly as possible so that you do not lose profit when the machine is not in use. All our service personnel receive regular training to respond flexibly to your needs. In addition to machine repairs, we offer telephone support, where we are able to assist your technician over the phone in the event of minor defects. We offer this service free of charge to our customers. All services provided by us refer to the warranty and post-warranty periods. We also provide service of plasma and laser sources including all accessories.

Within the CNC machine service we provide:

  • Guarantee service - of course we provide a guarantee for our machines, as we are convinced of the quality of our machines.
  • After-warranty service - we are able to keep our machine running for several years after the warranty period has expired.
  • Phone support - our service engineers are able to answer and receive service requests on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Fast repair - we respond to your requests as soon as possible and are able to analyze the situation the next day from the request.
  • Installation of the machine into production - within the price of our machines, we install the machine you have purchased at your desired location.
  • Fully trained operator training - at the cost of our machines, you also receive training for your staff of up to 16 hours.
  • Subsequent assembly of additional elements - you can also equip your machine with additional equipment even after delivery of the machine according to your needs.
  • Supply of consumables and spare parts - most of the material is in stock and we are able to react flexibly.

Training of operation and maintenance of CNC machines

To ensure that our machines deliver maximum performance in your production and avoid unnecessary delays or improper handling of the machine, we train you or your staff to operate the machine professionally. To ensure long machine life, we will teach you how to care for the machine properly. Within the handover of your chosen machine you have training of CNC machine operator included. The scope of training can be very wide and can be repeated regularly, for example, when changing the operator. We know our machines perfectly and we are willing to pass on all our knowledge to the operators who are to use them. Supplied machine control including software is very intuitive and easy to learn. With us you will operate the CNC machine very professionally!

Financing of CNC machines

Thinking of buying a new CNC machine and need help with financing? We will be happy to help you with this area too. Through third parties, we are able to provide you with convenient financing of the machine. We only work with specialists in the field who are able to provide you with the best financing conditions. Our strategy of favorable prices for high quality gives you the possibility to buy a machine with a long life and good return on investment.

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