Cutting machines

For cutting of materials companies are using nowadays before all burning devices CNC plasma a CNC laser. The difference between those two machines is in accuracy, speed, purchase price, and operation costs. Plasma for metal cutting is less accurate than laser. But it is able to cut thicker metal sheets. Simultaneously thanks to lower purchase and operation costs is this type of machine used mainly in smaller productions. But it can be used, of course, in bigger factories as well. Ask for a cutting plasma with us.

The more efficient and speedy burning machine is a CNC laser. It is a more up to date CNC machine for cutting of metal sheets. It can cut very quickly and effectively thin metal sheets. The purchase and operational costs for such a laser are higher than those for a plasma device. Therefore this type of burning machine is suitable for bigger industrial plants where the laser can be fully exploited. Ask for a cutting laser with us.

The above mentioned burning machines are the mostly used CNC machines for metal cutting. One uses for example also cutting by water beam. The advantage of such a method is that the material is not effected by heat.

The company Raptor Technologies is engaged in the production and sales of other cnc devices. You can find in our offer also metal processing devices such as cutting mill and lathe. We are prepared to advise you with the purchase of a CNC machine and create a quotation exactly according to your requirements.

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