About CNC machines

This section answers the question what actually is a CNC machine – in our case mostly for metal tooling, and we explain their utilisation. CNC is an abbreviation for "Computer Numerical Control", which is the same as "computer controlled". In practise it means that the machines are controlled by a computer and human being is necessary only for programming and overview. Nowadays such machines are a trend and become a certain standard in metal tooling. The biggest advantages are high accuracy and speed, not competitive to a manpower. If one speaks about machines, we have mostly in mind a CNC machine. Machine tools  are nowadays used in huge productions as well as in small customer made companies. For material cutting CNC laser or CNC plasma are being used. We speak about so called burning machines. Both alternatives are suitable for burning of metal and other materials. You will find the difference between them here. So called 3D metal tooling is done by lathes and milling cutters, which can be 3 or 5 axes. The top segment of the tooling process are tooling centres, where it is possible to create products with all possible shapes.

The versatility of CNC tooling machines can be demonstrated on the number of used axes. One axis machines are more simple, but still they have their usage. An example is a CNC drilling machine. Two axis machine is for instance a lathe. We find three axes at milling cutter and four + more axes are used in tooling centres.

Programming of such machines is a fundamental part of the whole production process. For example the CNC milling machine can cut almost any shape, it depends only on a programmer, how he sets up a machine. The modern programs are user friendly, nevertheless even though one must have a basic skill.  It is obvious that one machine can produce numerous products. The same with metal cutting. By means of plasma or laser you can cut various shapes into various thicknesses of metal. Adding the fourth axis into laser or plasma it is possible to cut pipes or other profiles.

The development of these machines goes ahead and the trend is to increase speed and efficiency during operation. The research in the company Raptor Technologies is leading up to the automation cutting by plasma and laser with the target to limit number of workers in the production and acceleration together with optimizing of most of processes. Automatic stocks for different thicknesses of metal sheets or automatic feeders will contribute to the easier operation of our machines and costs savings.

Raptor Technologies

Cutting machines

For cutting of materials companies are using nowadays before all burning devices CNC plasma a CNC laser. The difference between those two machines is in accuracy, speed, purchase price, and operation costs. Plasma for metal cutting is less accurate than laser. But it is able to cut thicker metal...

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Metal processing machines

Metal processing in the Czech Republic can boast of a very long tradition. In connection with a great skill of local people a lot of products from metal and other materials have been produced. With new CNC machines the possibilities of quicker and more precise processing have arisen....

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Producing and selling of CNC machines

Our company has been founded for the purpose of CNC machines. All our machines are unique, being created from the stage of the technical drawings. At the end the machines are tested. As a Czech producer we were originally interested mainly in the sales of CNC machines within the Czech Republic....

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