Single-purpose machines

Thanks to the design possibilities, we develop and manufacture single-purpose machines according to the specified application. We manufacture machines and equipment to order. First, we will get acquainted with the required product and we will design a suitable technological solution in cooperation with you, which we present on the basis of models and technical drawings. The development and production of CNC single-purpose machines is a challenge for us, which we always accept as responsibly as possible. We develop single-purpose machines mainly for applications where conventional solutions of available CNC machines cannot be used. We work closely with the customer on the development of single-purpose machines and equipment and address his ideas and needs. The production itself is subject to controls on our part and on the part of the customer, so that the idea of ​​a single-purpose machine takes on a real form. We are interested in simpler machines as well as sophisticated technical solutions.

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As with our serial CNC machines, we also pay attention to the quality of components and materials used for single-purpose machines. We place maximum emphasis on reliability and durability in the production of single-purpose machines and equipment. We can implement individual equipment into an already existing production line or create an entire production workplace, including accessories. As part of the automation of production processes, single-purpose machines can also include robots, for example for welding or material loading. We tailor each individual solution of a single-purpose machine. We probably won't make any of these machines twice. We are mainly enriched by the uniqueness of the application.

Procedure for single-purpose machines

  1. Analysis of technological process and product
  2. Recommendation of a suitable solution
  3. Elaboration of a price offer for a specific device according to requirements
  4. Production, including control by the customer
  5. Approval of the final solution
  6. Transport, installation of single-purpose machines and equipment to the destination
  7. Machine operator and maintenance training
  8. Service, telephone support, advice

Before shipping each single-purpose machine, we test parameters, accuracy and speed. After checking the equipment, we transport the machine to the destination to the customer and then perform the installation of the machine and accessories, including operator training. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all single-purpose machines, including telephone and technical support. If you are interested, you can call +420 721 952 018 or write to

Example of single-purpose machine applications

  • Welding robot (TIG, MIG, laser welding ...)
  • Screwing machines
  • Different types of feeders and sorters
  • Testing device
  • Measuring equipment
  • Gluing, lubrication, cutting
  • Pressing machines
  • Handling (products, materials, components ...)
  • Much more

Of course, not all examples of the wide range of applications for single-purpose machines and devices can be described. The above is just a small idea of ​​the application options. Of course, we are able to develop a machine for you, or the entire production line according to special requirements. Contact us and see for yourself our qualities. We try to produce all machines and equipment at an affordable price, so that the return on investment is as fast as possible for you and the service life of single-purpose machines as long as possible.

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