New models of CNC machines 2022

For the year 2022, we have prepared many novelties for our customers. The main one is definitely an innovative replacement of all CNC machines that have undergone thorough development. Based on knowledge directly from the production, we were able to improve each individual machine offered. We have also significantly expanded the possibilities of individualization in woodworking machines. You can now have an automatic tool change with both the BT taper and the HSK on the CNC router. The vacuum table now has a pump with a frequency converter that automatically monitors the optimal suction power. The CNC wood lathe can now also grind and have a hydraulic chuck, making it a truly competent woodworking center.

I am interested in a new CNC machine

This year, 2022, you can also look forward to better burning machines. The Raptor CNC plasma is now supplied exclusively with a water-cooled machine torch and a powerful source with the possibility of burning high-quality stainless steel as well. The fiber laser has undergone a system modification that is now even faster with a smarter automatic cut placement. At the same time, laser technology is now more affordable than before. It is still true that we adapt the size of the work surface to the assignment and the same applies to the equipment of the CNC machine. Overall, we managed to speed up the delivery time for all machine tools. We are able to deliver the cutting laser to you within 3 months of ordering.

The new gantry milling machine is now so rigid that it is able to drill even into iron. This fact will also be appreciated by manufacturers working with softer materials such as plastic or aluminum, where the absence of vibrations guarantees a beautifully clean machined surface. The production of machinery and equipment also brought more automation to our company, where we invested in our own machinery. But we have also invested in the showroom itself, where you can see and test our CNC machines. We now also have a laser cutting machine and much more. Drilling machines are a complete novelty for 2022. As part of the expansion of the portfolio, we also offer custom CNC drills suitable for drilling in iron, aluminum, plastic and other materials, which can also take the form of pipes or profiles. The drilling machine also has the option of automatic tool change or, for example, pneumatic clamping of the workpiece. We have long-term experience with the sale of various CNC machines. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are Raptor Technologies - your partner in automation.