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If you are looking for a suitable CNC machine for your production, be sure not to contact us. Below you can find various ways to inquire or order the machine from us. We consistently guarantee the best ratio between the price of the CNC machine and its value. We approach each machine individually and build it exactly according to your requirements. This applies to CNC plasma, laser, router, plotter as well as milling machine and lathe. We will be happy to help you with the selection of optimal performance and ideal parameters. If you are interested, you have the following options:

Call +420 777 210 149

At this number you will get a basic idea of ​​the required machine, its design and approximate price. Subsequently, we will prepare a specific offer for you, including the final price for the CNC machine. For each machine and equipment, we provide standard transport to the destination, commissioning of the CNC machine at your place in production and training of CNC machine operators. The shortest warranty period with us is 2 years. You can also order the service of CNC machines from us.

Write to info@raptor-cnc.com

If your questions are more extensive or you prefer this way of communication, be sure to contact us via this e-mail regarding the demand and order of a new CNC machine. You will receive an answer within a maximum of 24 hours. The response time to inquiries is important to us, as it then turns into clarifying the technical design of the machine and its capabilities. It is clear to us that you will first be interested in the price of the CNC machine and what you will get for this price, and only then can you order the machine.

Personal visit

We can definitely visit as well. It is not a problem for us to come to you, listen to your requirements and prepare an offer for you. During this visit, we will focus on the possible location of the machine and discuss the details. Of course, we will also be happy to welcome you to our production, where we have the machines ready for demonstration and it is not a problem to perform a demonstration on your material with your documents. After specifying all the details and agreeing on the best price for the entire CNC machine, you can go beyond the order and then start producing the machine.

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