Manufacture of machinery and equipment

We are a purely Czech company for the production of machinery and equipment. Based on the demand for a CNC machine, we solve the feasibility analysis and recommendation of a suitable technology as the first step. If the customer has a clear idea right at the beginning, we will immediately prepare an offer for a CNC machine according to requirements. However, a more common scenario is when we work together on the production of machines and equipment. The customer tells us the idea, we propose a solution and then discuss it. It depends on the details and functionality of the whole device. Even if it is a common serial machine, such as a portal milling machine, we adapt it to the customer's space and other factors during its production. We enjoy the production of machines and equipment and every new customer is a challenge for us.

I am interested in the production of machinery and equipment

Procedure in the manufacture of machinery and equipment

  1. Demand, including clarification of the required parameters from the machine and equipment
  2. Feasibility analysis by us
  3. Recommendation of suitable technology, including CNC machine equipment
  4. Processing of a price offer for the sale of a CNC machine
  5. Production of machinery and equipment under the supervision of the customer in the form of visits
  6. Handover tests, including the implementation of comments by the customer
  7. Handover with us in the production of machines and signing of the handover protocol
  8. Transport to the destination to the customer
  9. Installation of CNC machine and its accessories
  10. Machine operator and maintenance training

After the production of machines and equipment, we provide online support for the CNC machine and hold a set warranty of at least 24 months. At all times, as a machine manufacturer, we provide warranty service for machines or equipment. After the expiration of the warranty period, we switch to post-warranty service, which is provided to CNC machines in the same quality as the warranty one. As our customer, you have free telephone support from us after the production of the machine and equipment. If possible, the machine can be modified or upgraded over time. Before the actual production of machines and equipment, we deal with their development, in which we follow modern trends in mechanical engineering and apply them to our Raptor CNC machines. Come and see for yourself the qualities of manufactured machines and equipment from the Raptor Technologies workshop.

Manufacture of machinery and equipment

What machines and equipment do we produce?

As a Czech manufacturer of machinery and equipment, we focus on CNC machine tools and sheet metal or tube forming machines. We constantly strive to improve all our machines and equipment, depending on the development of modern technologies. Our current offer consists of burning machines such as plasma or laser. Alternatively, we can work with autogenous. Very popular and manufactured due to its versatility and possibilities is the CNC router, which offers a wide range of individualization options and therefore also a lot of possibilities for its application. Our offer of manufactured machines and equipment also includes CNC machine tools for various metals and other materials. These are mainly milling machines and lathes in various designs. A novelty for this year's production of machines and equipment is a CNC plotter, which is suitable for textiles, leather, foams, rubbers, stickers and much more. Being a manufacturer of machines gives us the opportunity to produce a machine completely to order exactly according to the customer's ideas. Try to ask you a suitable machine for us with us. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you and, if necessary, we will also manufacture such a machine or equipment.

Manufacture of single-purpose machines and equipment

In addition to the above CNC machines, we are engaged in the development and production of unique single-purpose machines and equipment. It can be a separate machine designed for one type of operation or we are able to produce part or the entire production line. In this case, we always start with a technical drawing. Our skilled designers come up with a suitable solution and adapt the machine or equipment to the final product. After fine-tuning the technical models, we move to the production of single-purpose machines and equipment, which we consult with you on an ongoing basis. This is a very important part of the production of machinery and equipment for us, because it is you who know the most about your product. In general, it can be said that every single-purpose machine or device produced is always a unique piece.