Machining center

We are a Czech manufacturer of custom machining centers. We specialize in the piece production of CNC machines according to customer requirements and configurations. We will adapt everything from the size of the work surface of the CNC machining center to the machine equipment. We manufacture equipment for machining various metals, wood or plastics. The machining center is able to machine to the final required state in one clamping operation. It depends on the design, but most of them are milling or turning CNC machining centers, which can be vertical or horizontal. The division determines how the spindle is placed relative to the material. In general, machining processes alternate on a single workpiece.

I am interested in a CNC machining center

In today's machining centers, productivity depends on machining speed as well as accuracy. It is the development and improvement of CNC machines that brings tolerances at the level of thousands of millimeters. In busy series productions, an automated material feeding process as well as the removal of the finished workpiece is also a condition. Prolonged machining can lead to thermal distortion, in which case it is necessary to have powerful cooling at the CNC machining center. It is with the advent of computer-controlled machines that it is possible to machine very complex shapes in a relatively easier way. Now it could be said that the programming of data for machining is more demanding than just the machining itself.

CNC machining center control

The name CNC implies computer control. Today, there are several cutting-edge technologies on the market with a focus on the control and management of the machining center. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the complexity of control based on the number of axes on the CNC machine. In the case of the classic three-axis design, the control of the machine is not so demanding. With the addition of 4 axes (either rotary or tilting), the demand for control is significantly higher and the highest level, and therefore even the most complex control of a CNC machining center is the design of 5 axes. Challenging simultaneous machining is handled by several technology companies such as FANUC, SIEMES, Mitsubishi Electric and others. When tilting the tool in all axes, it is necessary to calculate the tool length and optimize the cutting (machining) parameters.

Machined materials

With the CNC machining center it can be turned, milled or ground. Each machined material has its specific machining requirements. The rigidity of the machining center is directly dependent on the rigidity of the material being machined. We always build a CNC machine according to the load assumptions and precisely according to the requirements for the material that will be machined at this center. For example, the following can be machined from metals:

  • Stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Tungsten
  • Copper
  • Aluminum and its derivatives
  • Titanium
  • Lead

Metallic materials carry the highest demands. When machining wood or plastics, there is no such requirement for structural rigidity, but there are also requirements for machining speed and accuracy. A wood lathe or cutter has other options, and the removal of chips and sawdust shapes the material into the desired shapes. The CNC machining center for wood and plastic can be equipped with a chip and dust extractor, because in such a process it is often not necessary to cool the tool. So if you are just inquiring or want to order a machining center straight away, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to prepare an offer according to your requirements. We are a Czech manufacturer and we manufacture all machining centers to order.