Raptor tube laser

In our offer you will also find a tube laser, which also handles various profiles. Just like the other models of CNC lasers from our offer, this 3D laser can be produced entirely on the basis of the customer's wishes. We use chucks strong enough to clamp large diameter pipes. We have material support throughout that are intelligent. The laser head can optionally cut bevels or have an automatic material feeder. The tube laser in its longest version can clamp a rod up to 9 meters long.

Technical specifications

  • Pipe or pipe diameter: 10 - 350 mm
  • Maximum rod length: 9000 mm
  • Load capacity per meter of bar: 50 kg
  • Wall thickness of material classic steel: 10 mm
  • Wall thickness of stainless steel material: 8 mm
  • Aluminum wall thickness 6 mm

Tube lasers can cut logs up to 350 mm and square hollow profiles up to 260x260 mm. IPE, HEA, HEB, U and L profiles can be clamped in the chuck. Clamping is easy thanks to the use of pneumatic chucks. These are movable and feed the material to the process head. When burning bevels, tube lasers are able to tilt the head in many directions to achieve a precise edge bevel.

This machine can replace a band saw, which is not as efficient, and there is no need to cool the tool. The load capacity of the entire work surface is high enough for most processed profiles. The work surface is covered to protect the worker from the reflection of the laser beam. Ask for more information about Raptor tube lasers that help you improve your manufacturing productivity.