Stone working machines

In our range of CNC machines you can also find stone processing machines in various forms. We manufacture stone machining centers, formatting bridge saws or, for example, stone drilling machines. With our CNC stone machines you can machine, for example, marble, graphite, sandstone, granite, concrete or even synthetic stones. The advantage of these stoneworking machines is their ability to adapt. As a Czech machine manufacturer, we have the opportunity to adapt everything from the size of the work surface of a CNC stone milling machine to working tools. As part of the equipment of the stone processing machine, you can have a combined working head, which can have a spindle for machining and at the same time a saw blade for cutting. Above all, the variability and quality of workmanship is the greatest added value of Raptor CNC machines for stone machining.

I am looking for a stone processing machine

Stone machine tools have a very robust construction that can handle large forces when machining or cutting on a bridge saw. At the same time, we are still able to work with an accuracy of + - 0.05 mm within the positioning of the tool. It can be controlled in up to five axes! CNC stone processing machines can have almost any work surface, which is most often equipped with T-slots for possible clamping jigs. Stoneworking machine tools must be emulsion cooled. Powerful servomotors and gearboxes position the CNC stone milling machine. The construction of the stone machining machine is equipped with a linear guide, but first we also have it machined.

The control of the machine is very intuitive and has many clever functions. In the case of stone drilling machines, it is also possible to have an automatic tool change. We use water-cooled spindles with sufficient power even for larger diameters of drills or cutters. In general, when machining stone, there is a high level of dust, which we recommend to extract with certain materials. We will be happy to recommend a suitable CNC machine just for your application. We have a lot of experience with stone processing machines and we are glad that you always turn to us.