CNC plastic milling machines

We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting CNC plastic milling machines to order according to your application. The plastic milling machine has a gantry design with high positioning speeds and an accuracy of +-0.02 mm. We offer a wide range of basic equipment for a CNC plastic milling machine, including automatic tool change, vacuum material clamping and pneumatic stops for easy loading of plastic plates. You can buy Raptor plastic cutters at an interesting purchase price. We will customize everything you need from a CNC router.

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CNC milling is a modern and highly precise method of machining materials, which is widely used in various industries. One of the materials that is often milled using CNC technology is plastic in many types.

Main advantages

A CNC milling machine provides several key advantages when machining plastics:

  • High precision: CNC milling makes it possible to achieve extremely precise results, which is especially important when working with plastic. Plastics are usually very sensitive to errors and inaccuracies, which is why the high precision of a CNC milling machine is invaluable.
  • FlexibilityRaptor CNC routers are capable of processing a variety of plastics, including hard plastics such as acrylic or soft plastics such as PVC. Thanks to this, CNC milling machines can be used for a wide range of plastic applications.
  • Complexity and repeatability: the plastic milling machine enables the machining of plastics with high complexity and repeatability. Thanks to the precise control of the movement of the plastic milling machine and the ability to program complex geometric shapes, consistent results can be achieved.
  • Efficiency and speed: This plastic machine allows the automation of the milling process, which leads to an increase in efficiency and speed of production. Thanks to automation, the human error rate can be reduced and higher performance can be achieved when processing plastics.

Frequent applications

Plastic milling machines are used in many industries and applications. Here are some examples from practice:

  • Prototyping: Plastic machining machines are often used in prototyping and model making. Thanks to high precision and the ability to machine complex shapes, it is possible to create plastic prototypes with high quality and detail.
  • Advertising and design elements: CNC milling of plastics is also often used for the production of advertising elements such as signs, logos or design elements. Thanks to high precision and the ability to create complex shapes, a unique and professional appearance can be achieved.
  • Electronics and packaging industry: CNC plastic milling machine is an important tool for the production of plastic parts for the electronics and packaging industry. Here, high precision, repeatability and the ability to work with different types of plastics are required.
  • Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, the plastic milling machine is used for the production of various plastic parts, such as interior panels, control elements or aerodynamic components. Milling accuracy and quality are key in this industry.

The CNC plastic milling machine is a powerful tool for machining plastics with high precision and efficiency. Its use ranges from the production of prototypes to industrial production and finds application in a wide range of industries. The plastic milling machine allows to achieve consistent and high-quality results and contributes to the rapid development of the modern industry based on plastic materials.