Oscillating knife

The most frequently used tool of a CNC plotter is an oscillating knife. This tool has a wide range of cutting materials. The length range of the oscillating knives is from 5 mm to 120 mm and this allows you to cut even 10 cm high foam. If necessary, the working head of the oscillating knife can be additionally equipped with a pressure wheel, which helps the vacuum table and prevents the material from lifting during cutting. If oscillating knives are used, the Raptor plotter is equipped with a suitable cutting pad into which the knife can slide. The washer and the cutting knife itself have a long service life. The knife can be driven pneumatically or electrically.

I am interested in a CNC plotter with an oscillating knife

Oscillating knife on a CNC plotterTechnical design of the
              oscillating knifeOscillating knife and second working head

What is a pneumatic oscillating knife?

It has a high stroke oscillation of the knife and is suitable for cutting rubber, cardboard, PVC, foam, seals, textiles, cardboard and more. In normal operation, the pneumatic oscillating knife is able to handle 10,000 oscillations per minute and thanks to this speed, the cut is nicely clean. Due to the long life requirements of all cutting knives, we only supply oscillating knives made of hard metals - specifically tungsten steel. As a supplier of all machinery, we offer replacement oscillating knives at wholesale prices. If you are interested in such a machine, we will be happy to show you everything in person at the presentation of a CNC plotter. It is also not a problem to equip the machine with a second working head with a different technology. If you need to cut and mill other materials at the same time, you can discover our Raptor portal milling machine with a high degree of individualization.