Raptor laser machines

We offer affordable laser machines even for small production workshops. The extremely targeted laser beam separates metal materials really efficiently. The control system guides the positioning of the laser head along the material according to the given program. Control is very simple and you will learn to operate the Raptor laser machine within days. All metallic materials used in industry are suitable for use. The mold can be either a sheet or a tube/profile.

Our offer includes laser machines in the design of an open working area or with a workplace cover, as well as a version combining cutting into sheets or pipes thanks to the equipment with a rotating axis in the range of 360 degrees. It is a precise laser burner that can burn challenging shapes. The edge is beautifully perpendicular and the cut is free of visible burrs.

As part of our service, before selling the laser, we will make a design for the installation of a specific version of the laser machine, including a technical plan. We recommend the appropriate placement of the components required for laser operation. At the same time, we will help you finance the purchase or adjust the payment terms.

Choose the right laser machine

  • Covered work area with replaceable table
  • Laser machine without cover
  • Combined version of the CNC laser
  • Tube laser
  • Laser line with automation

As you can see, there is really enough to choose from. We cover all your needs in the field of laser burning in the long term and we are constantly innovating our production. We use only the best components for laser machines and have an exceptionally long warranty. Come and see for yourself the selected version of the laser, we'd love to get to know you.