Laser metal cutting

Today, fast and perfectly precise laser cutting is increasingly desirable in the metalworking sectors of the industry. Increasing demands from customers on the quality of metalwork make it necessary to invest in new and better technologies for laser metal cutting. We offer an affordable solution with Raptor CNC machines for metal laser cutting. Individual CNC laser design offers, including customization of performance and design, is certainly an advantage.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc and other metals can be laser cut without any problem. The key is sufficient power and a high-quality working head, which directs the power source to a really small space. There, enormous heat is generated and thermal splitting of the material occurs. The fiber laser is stable in this regard and has a long service life.

Ask for a laser cutting machine

Some customers cut with compressed air. For best results, we recommend using oxygen or nitrogen to laser cut sheet metal. The cutting method is also divided accordingly. Performance is determined by two parameters. Above all, the maximum material thickness that can still be cut, and the second parameter is the cutting speed. With higher performance, these values increase.

How to cut efficiently with a laser

Get a higher performance than the stated minimum for the given material. The power reserve is also important for the overall life of the device. Only use technical gases either from the bundle or the vaporizer. Pay attention to the correct setting of the cutting conditions and other parameters that the CNC machine operator can influence. Last but not least, it is necessary to mention that you will simply achieve better results on higher quality laser-cut material.

Advantages of laser cutting against other methods

First of all, it is simply a result of burning in quality and often also in speed just by using a laser. The advantage of the cutting laser is also in the perpendicularity of the cut compared to the CNC plasma. Although the water jet is similarly accurate, it is significantly slower. The price of laser cutting is around EUR 2 per meter, but it depends on many factors. The price is higher compared to plasma cutting, but the better quality is worth paying extra for. On the other hand, plasma machines or autogen can divide material with a thickness greater than 50 mm.