Laser burner for metal

Today's laser burners are suitable for cutting or engraving metals, plastics, wood and other materials. The performance of the lasers is sufficient to cover the entire range of demand from marking to welding to laser burning. Especially for metal sheets, this is a great technology, where it is possible to describe and then cut on one CNC machine.

The source of the burning laser intended for cutting has a power in units of kW and it is possible to effectively burn up to 40 mm of structural steel, including sheet metal penetration. Burning takes place with the support of nitrogen and oxygen as media for a smooth cut. It is possible to have a metal laser in many design variants.

Ask, request, order a burning laser

Technically, this is an advanced burning machine, which with its results surpasses a plasma cutting machine many times over. We are talking about a productive laser burner that can produce burrs without burrs and with a perpendicular cutting edge.

Control is easy

The laser burner system is very easy to operate and is in the Czech language. The operator learns to operate the machine within two days. Tuning individual parameters depends on feeling to achieve the best result. The software is graphically simple with visible main controls.

You will certainly appreciate the possibility of optimizing programs for the material or simulating the burning process even before starting the program. This will give you the exact time of the firing program, including the number of punches and total mm of cutting.

Burning laser safety

This is primarily due to the workplace cover with the changing table. There is also a camera system monitoring the work cycle. The CNC machine operator guarantees the safety of the entire workplace! The firing laser has a central STOP button in case of emergency. However, we still recommend the use of protective clothing, glasses and, in case of a busier environment, also hearing protection.