Sales of CNC lasers

We sell metal cutting lasers in sheet or profile formats. We have various designs in our offer and we will be happy to help you with the sale of the laser. We answer your questions and advise which cutting laser to choose. We have long experience with laser cutting. The price of a laser cutting machine is from 1,000,000 crowns without VAT. The selling price depends on the type of design, power source or equipment.

More about CNC laser

If you are interested, definitely come and visit our showroom with the opportunity to demonstrate the firing process with your materials. It is best to have physical experience directly with the given machine. This is still a significant investment in the acquisition of this machine technology, and without a personal inspection it is impossible to draw a conclusion. During the consultation, it is possible to discuss all options and describe the differences or pitfalls.

Technical parameters

  • Power source from 1 to 12 kW
  • Work area from 300x300 to 12000x2500 mm
  • Work surface cover / open workplace
  • Safety STOP elements
  • CCTV
  • FIBER laser technology

The best-selling CNC laser has a working surface format of 3000x1500 mm and a power of 3 kW. It can split classic steel up to a thickness of 20 mm and even more from the side. It has a cover for the workspace and camera for safety. The fiber is protected in a cable chain along its entire length in the laser. For cutting pipes and profiles, it is possible to purchase a rotary axis for positioning. The sales team is at your disposal all working days.