Offered plasma sources

Dear customers,

In order to satisfy your requirements for the precise burning of your products, we are constantly striving to find new processes and components that will guarantee satisfaction with our cutting machines. One of the most important components are plasma sources enabling plasma arc firing with the highest possible quality. Since our inception, we have undergone a number of tests on the market offered resources and have selected the best in the middle price category - plasma sources bearing the name CEBORA. Our main types are PLASMA 163 PROF ACC and PLASMA 165 PROF HQC. The first one is fully digitized and is controlled by CPC microprocessor, which controls important functions and together with the power part of the circuit (three-phase phase transformer, choke, IGBT transistor) delivers excellent cut perpendicularity, sharp corners and minimum scale. Compressed air - used in 95% of cases or technical nitrogen N2 intended for cutting thinner materials - can be used as a plasma medium.

The maximum output of 160 A allows cutting carbon steels up to 45 mm thick. Heat-resisting steels and CrNi steels with slight reduction. If you want a really clean cut, the manufacturer recommends an optimum cut thickness up to 38 mm. The machine is equipped with a unique CEBORA CHECK system to check the condition of the equipment to increase safety and prevent torch head accidents (eg maximum electrode wear). In the event of a fault, an error message corresponding to a specific fault is displayed on the main display, and the operator has a much easier job in finding the cause.

The machine is designed for metalworking production plants, where it places high quality of cutting at high cutting performance. If your plasma reaches larger dimensions, the HV 16 ignition unit can be recommended, allowing the source to be placed up to 22 meters from the torch with unchanged cutting quality. The CP 200 water-cooled torch can be used for increased cutting speed requirements.

The latter PLASMA 165 PROF HQC is extremely powerful for cutting metals in the range of 3 - 20 mm (for the requirement for cutting thinner materials (0.5 - 3 mm) a special nozzle with a diameter of 0.8 mm is used). This power supply is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and in some parameters it is close to the LASER cut quality with significantly lower purchase costs.

Zdroj 163 ACC Zdroj 165 HQC

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance in choosing the right source.

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