The new top CNC laser

Good day,

in cooperation with the German company PRECITEC and the world-famous Mitsubishi Electric, we are introducing a new CNC laser for 2020. We manufacture custom CNC solutions and for the most accurate and highest quality cutting of all types of metals we offer a newly developed laser with power range from 500 W to 8 KW. You can cut sheet metal thicknesses from 0.1 to 40 mm on our machines. As an option, you can order, for example, the 4th axis for precision cutting of tubes and pipes. The new fiber laser technology excels in long life and high stability. The compact solution includes the PRECITEC Light Cutter M motorized processing head, which has an auto focus and is therefore able to focus the beam itself according to the selected sheet thickness, thus saving work for the operator.

Machine control is provided by a large touch control panel including Mitsubishi Electric software. The operation is intuitive and in Czech. The advantage of this software is the automatic placement of the required stillage on the selected material, where the system itself optimizes the burning process and minimizes scrap metal. We will be happy to show you how the whole system works.

Accurate and fast positioning is ensured by our CNC solution using very powerful motors and precise linear guidance. Thanks to these properties, we achieve an accuracy of 0.05 mm in both positioning and repetition. The entire device is fully covered for safety. We offer two interchangeable tables for continuous operation.

Since we are a Czech manufacturer and not just a dealer of machines, we are able to fully customize the machine. We sell all our CNC lasers at great prices and offer high quality technology at these prices compared to our competitors. Do not hesitate to ask us exactly the laser you need. Our technician can consult with you on the need and possibly recommend a solution.

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