Raptor laser cutter

The modern laser cutter is adapted to the customer's wishes. The size of the working surface, the performance of the fiber laser and the equipment of the Raptor cutters are determined by the customer himself. We are also able to customize the color design or add a rotary laser tube cutting device. Currently, the price of laser cutters is around EUR 60,000 without VAT with decent equipment.

The advantage of the Raptor laser cutter is its modular design, which can be expanded in the future. It is therefore possible to subsequently increase the working surface of the existing device or add an axis to the profiles only after a certain time. Primarily, these CNC machines are intended for cutting sheet metal with a laser. The strength of the material depends on the power of the source and vice versa.

The most common are requests for 2 to 4 kW. This performance range will cover 85% of the technology in demand. With a metal laser cutter, it is possible to burn structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We recommend using technical gases with this burner for even better results. The power ceiling is 12 kW in the case of a fiber laser.

Classic structural steel, for example s235 or s355, can be cut with both nitrogen and oxygen. Based on the gas used, the method of thermal division also changes. Always cut stainless steel or aluminum with nitrogen.

Laser cutter control

A classic industrial computer with sufficient performance and software equipment is the basic element for controlling a CNC laser metal cutter. All important and modern features are included. The user will appreciate the remote control for finding the position of the laser head but also for stopping or starting the work program.

The camera can directly monitor the cut in the material and gives immediate feedback to the operator. All Raptor CNC machines have safety features that prevent personal injury and collision of the laser itself. All functions are easy to control and are available in five languages.

The most common technical specification

  • Work area 3000x1500 mm
  • Power of the laser source 3 kW
  • ProCutter head
  • Power consumption 29 kW
  • Workspace cover
  • The second exchange table of the laser cutter
  • Extractor with filter

For every order, you get transport, installation of the machine, parameter setting, operator training and warranty. We recommend that you come and test the laser cutter ideally on your material before purchasing. But the results are very satisfying. Ask us.