High quality standard

Thanks to the development of new technologies, we are moving further and further and implementing the latest in our CNC machines in order to maintain a high standard of quality. We use only quality components and some of them are directly from our development and our production. Each part of the construction is maximally robust, or even machined so that the whole machine provides professional performance. Also thanks to this solution, we significantly extend the service life of all our CNC machines. When building a serial product and a CNC machine to order, we oversee the quality standard of components and production processes.

Robust construction of each partCable
              chainServomotor and gearbox

For gantry CNC machines such as laser, plasma, router or plotter, we use powerful servomotors, including gearboxes. Power is transmitted through the inclined toothed racks for better torque distribution. Thanks to this, the positioning of the tool reaches a speed of up to 80 m / min. The frame of the structure and, for example, the portal of the CNC machine is machined on a portal milling machine and then we assemble a precise linear guide. The accuracy of portal CNC routers is + -0.01 mm. Cables, including, for example, a laser fiber or a plasma torch, are placed in high-quality cable chains all the way. We maintain a high standard together with a very reasonable purchase price of the entire CNC machine. Contact us for more information.

Raptor Technologies - Quality Standard