Raptor fiber lasers

Fiber laser is an increasingly common technology for cutting metal materials in many areas of industry. Fiber lasers are popular primarily because of their efficiency. The beam generator in fiber lasers is naturally the source. The applicable power range nowadays ranges from 1 to 12 kW. The specific power of the fiber laser primarily determines the limits of the material's strength. Secondly, it significantly affects productivity.

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With higher power, the rate of material burn-through increases, as does the cutting speed. With higher output, the cost per firing is paradoxically lower, because with similar input costs, you burn more products per hour. Fiber lasers use a burning medium. These are technical gases such as nitrogen or oxygen. Some materials can only be burned with compressed air.

What is the price?

Recently, fiber lasers have seen a significant reduction in sales price. The technology applied to CNC lasers is no longer new and is quite widespread today. High competition on the part of the manufacturers managed to push the price down to an acceptable level. Nowadays, fiber cutting lasers cost from CZK 1,000,000 to CZK 10,000,000. Common cutting lasers are at the lower end of this range. Compared to CNC plasma, the added value is much higher. This both in the quality of burning and in the smart functions of modern fiber lasers.

What is the cost per hour of burning?

We stated at the beginning that this is a productive and efficient machine. That's all true. However, an hour of burning with a fiber laser can easily cost CZK 1,500 and sometimes more. Among the main costs of a fiber laser, let's count the burned material, the hourly wage of the CNC machine operator, technical gases, consumables, electrical energy and amortization of the laser cutting machine. For a better idea:

  • Technical gas (nitrogen, oxygen) - CZK 800
  • Electricity consumption energy - CZK 150
  • Wages of the machine operator - CZK 300
  • Consumables - CZK 1
  • Amortization of the machine - CZK 50

Everyone has to do the cost calculation themselves. It depends a lot on the type of firing, the complexity of the firings and the price of inputs. Most often, the average hour of burning is around CZK 1,000. The higher power of the fiber laser reduces the cost per burn.

Czech manufacturer of fiber lasers

We are involved in the development and production of various CNC machines and this has brought us experience that we implement in each new model series. Fiber lasers are getting smarter and the control systems will surprise you with their simplicity and number of intelligent solutions. The critical component is the laser head. The beam guided by the fiber directs it to the sheet metal or profile and is thus directly responsible for the quality of the cut.

Modern laser heads have many sensors that monitor the cut in real time and adjust the cutting conditions. The process heads also have contamination or overheating sensors and let the CNC machine operator know about fluctuations. Automatic focus search is already standard for basic fiber lasers. Really advanced sets have full automation. We recommend that you come and see in person and have a demonstration of the fiber laser in action.