CNC plasma cutting of stainless steel materials

Dear customers,

We would like to introduce you a new product from the workshop of the Italian manufacturer of plasma aggregates CEBORA. This manufacturer is now bringing water brackets for its plasma sources. It is a superstructure for the HQC (High Quality Cut) range, which in itself achieves a quality and clean cut using technical gases such as nitrogen or oxygen. Now it is possible to retrofit these sources with a water console, which cools down the machine torch and cut material better, which minimizes the thermal influence of the material. This feature is especially appreciated by customers working with stainless steel or aluminum. Burning stainless steel with plasma has its drawbacks. For example, a basic plasma source that uses only compressed air is unsuitable for cutting stainless steel. Using a water console it is possible to cut stainless steel sheets including protective foil. This does not burn during such cutting and can be easily removed after cutting.

Vzorek CEBORA vodni                  Vzorek CEBORA vodni 1                  Vzorek CEBORA vodni 2

The CEBORA HQC with water console is the highest possible quality grade of plasma cutting before laser cutting. The quality of the CNC plasma cut cannot completely match that of the CNC laser cut, but this assembly is close to that. The advantage over the CNC laser will be the possibility of cutting thicker sheets and lower costs for acquisition and operation. Material separation on assemblies with HQC sources may range from 1-50 mm. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and recommendation of suitable source for your production.

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