Training of the operation staff of CNC machines

Training of the operation staff of CNC machines

Your machines should work in your production with maximum efficiency and without stoppages. Therefore we train your workers in order to be experts for those machines. In connection with the handing over of the machine you have a two day training included in the price. But the scope of this training may be unlimited a regularly repeated. We know our machines perfectly and we are ready to pass our knowledge to those workers who have been determined to operate the machines. In spite of the fact our control software is very intuitive it is necessary for the staff to know, what to do in concrete situations.

Even at the modernization of your older machine, where you wish to change important parts incl. control panel and software, we offer a training on a renewed machine.

The training is connected only with the operation of the device and basic maintenance, which you will find in the operation manual enclosed to the machine. Never we do recommend to make service works alone. For this it is necessary to call the service team from our company.

You will learn to operate professionally the CNC machine with us!

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