Producing and selling of CNC machines

Our company has been founded for the purpose of CNC machines. All our machines are unique, being created from the stage of the technical drawings. At the end the machines are tested. As a Czech producer we were originally interested mainly in the sales of CNC machines within the Czech Republic. But later on we decided ourselves to expand to the whole Europe. Our sales department is responsible for the sales of our CNC machines. In case of your interest do not hesitate to contact us.

We render comprehensive services for the CNC machines Starting from manufacturing, through servicing, up to traing of the operation staff. You can follow the process of the production of individual machines, number of sales in the news. If you might be interestedt to become the distributor of our company and sell our products in your region, we are prepared to negotiate with you all the conditions. Concerning sales we are very ambitious. Our prices of CNC machines are very friendly for our customers. Let us make a quotation for you and be persuaded.

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