CNC milling cutter

CNC milling cutter is another chip-forming machine tool we are offering. You may ask for the milling cutter  for metal, plastic or wood.. We offer an automatic tool exchanger for all the milling cutters and  in order to improve the operation and increase efficiency. The machine can work with numerous tools for various shaping of the product. The exchanger has all the tools you have chosen and the machine automatically changes those as per the requested production steps. The milling cutter can work most often in three or five axes. Three axes cutter is based on CNC router and according to the chosen tool it shapes the material. Five axes cutter resembles to the cutting centre and one can create any shape in it. Raptor Technologies produces basic milling cutters for schools as well as high quality tools for complicated final products.

Each of our CNC milling cutter is equipped with a big touch screen for easy and intuitive operation. We can offer a machine of high quality for a reasonable price. The guarantee period and complete maintenance is our standard.  We care for the maximum individualisation of the machine as per the customer´s wishes. We always adjust its parameters, so that the tool fulfils the requirements of our clients. Do you have any question or want a quotation for a milling cutter you have chosen? Contact our experts and you will get everything very soon.

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