CNC lathe

Our offer of machines includes CNC lathes as well. Mostly we produce those chip-forming machine tools with fixation of the workpiece into the rotating spindle and the tooling device moves itself in the straight-line motion. We are able to deliver a smaller CNC lathe for schools as well as highly efficient and resistant machines for the work in heavy conditions in the production. We produce customer based lathes, so that the machine always corresponds to your needs. Each of our lathes is an original and is constructed for the production purposes of our customers. We offer an automatic tool exchanger for all the lathes in order to improve the operation. It is obvious that we offer all the necessary auxiliaries. We specialize in lather for metal processing, but we produce lathes for wood, too.

CNC lathe  is equipped with a touch screen for easy and intuitive operation, only basic training of the staff is necessary. We offer a complete maintenance for all our lathes in order to secure their longest durability. The lathes belong to the most common metal processing machines, therefore we are focused on a high quality for a reasonable price. This target has been reached by using of top parts and low overhead costs, which do not affect the quality of products. The motto "The Power of Quality" is our daily devotion. We concern about the satisfaction of our customers with our CNC machines, the long durability of our products is a must.  If you have any questions or you want an offer for your CNC lathe please do not hesitate and contact us.

Raptor Technologies - CNC lathes